Application Support

Our Application support services are tailored made according to the organizational needs ensuring easier application maintainability. We also understand the challenges involved in supporting obsolute technology and software. We first analyze your business domain, critical business needs, technology roadmap, processes and applications, then assign and align the team structure to deliver improved support. With minimum downtime and volatility your applications provide rapid responses to change requests and business requests.

Software Development

We provide software development on Time and Material basis. This may involve the development of new applications or the development of new functions for existing software applications. Each development project typically involves all aspects of the software development process, including prototyping, design, pilots, programming, testing, installation and maintenance.

Software Maintenance

We provide maintenance services for different systems that is costly to maintain by the internal IT group. We also provide necessary suggestions for modicfications to make the software more maintainable.

Quality Assurance and Testing

We also work for the core testing Online Class Service. The task involves writing test-plans and test-cases and executing the same or working on test-cases provided by the client.

Technical Documentation

We offer high-quality Technical Writing services to create well-designed, cost-effective and accurate online help, getting started guides, user guides, administrator guides, installation guides, release notes, technical notes, API documentation and marketing collaterals using the latest and the most widely-used tools and technologies.

Technology Consultation

We also provide technology consultation by providing technology guidelines, prototyping a concept and architecting the solutions.