About Us

We start by creating solutions based on our winning combination of insight, innovation, and deep knowledge of Microsoft technologies. And we offer an optimum blend of skills—backed by tools, methodologies, and best practices that reduce the cost and risk of deployments.

Mission, Vision and Core Values

Our Mission
We bring success to our clients, continuously contribute toward enhancing their corporate value, care for people and deliver results through innovation.

Visions and Values
Since our inception, our vision and values have guided Mudra Soft Technologies (P) Ltd. growth and our work with customers.
Our vision is to be recognized as a global services innovator, helping customers realize the best results from the Microsoft, Java & Cloud platform.


Our core values define how we:

Achieve through global teamwork
Focus on customers
Embrace change
Demonstrate a passion for technology
Build the Mudra experience
Act with integrity, dignity and respect

Firm-Focused Behavior: We are committed to collaborative behavior that fosters the common goal of excellence in client service by promoting optimal direction of resources to client assignments and ensuring effective client succession.

Ethics: We vigorously advocate our clients' positions while maintaining our own corporate and individual integrity. Our clients recognize, as do we, that advocacy can only be successful where opinions are supported by objective analysis.


Key Activities

  • Confirming project objectives
  • Setting clear yet flexible timelines
  • Clarifying research needs and methodologies
  • Exchanging key data and resources
  • Scheduling project checkpoints and updates

  • Leveraging internal expertise and experience from decades of prior engagements
  • Conducting peer-level interviews with opinion leaders, physicians, payers, and industry experts
  • Providing a deep dive into the clinical and scientific literature supported by a full-time professional research librarian and data management staff
  • Mining industry databases, publications and filings
  • Gaining insight from up-to-the-minute conference proceedings and abstracts

  • Providing a clear and nuanced assessment of the clinical landscape
  • Setting expectations for future market dynamics
  • Understanding where an opportunity fits within these dynamics
  • Developing detailed and realistic revenue and NPV models
  • Evaluating important scenarios and their impact on your business

  • Describing the key factors for success required to achieve a given outlook
  • Providing actionable guidance on clinical or commercial strategy
  • Identifying business development opportunities that best fit your needs
  • Planning responses to potential clinical or competitive scenarios
  • Prioritizing assets to maximize the efficiency of your portfolio

  • Keeping you informed about where our research is heading and adjusting our scope if necessary
  • Presenting interim and final documents that convey a cohesive yet highly detailed story
  • Bringing together disparate client functions to help build consensus among stakeholders
  • Providing polished presentations and professional document production services that facilitates communication with senior management and directors